About Me

Hello there mahal, I am Catherine, the creative force behind Hello Mahal. What began as a simple idea to craft Koozies for a birthday party has blossomed into something truly special.

My journey started with a single party favor – custom Koozies that added a personal touch to my cousin's celebration. Witnessing the joy they brought sparked a passion within me for creating unique, handmade items that resonate with people.

As my craft evolved, so did my vision. Today, I proudly offer custom Tumblers and T-shirts, each a testament to my deep love for my city, Houston, and the neighborhood that raised me, Alief. I'm also deeply inspired by my mother's Filipino culture, and you'll find elements of this rich heritage woven into a collection of its own.

My mission is simple – to share my love for these influences with you, my valued customers. Each collection I create is a piece of my heart, a blend of the vibrant energy of Houston, the spirit of Alief, and the warmth of Filipino culture.

Thank you for joining me on this creative journey. Together, we celebrate what we love and treasure the memories we create. Welcome to Hello Mahal, where my passion becomes your cherished keepsake.